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Flair 3-in-1 Nurturing Scalp Care Bundle

RM 225.00

Our Nurturing Scalp Care Bundle is perfect for you if you are looking to maintain healthy hair & scalp. This bundle is suitable for those with normal to oily hair, or dandruff-prone, and those with sensitive (flaky, itchy, red) scalp.

Specially formulated with ONLY natural origin ingredients, we painstakingly sourced from all corners of the world to ensure that they meet our stringent quality and ethical standards.

We do not use harmful chemicals such as Paraben, Silicone, mineral oil, SLS/SLES, Colorant, Formaldehyde in our products.

Suitable for:
- Most hair types
- Normal hair
- Dandruff-prone
- Oily hair
- Sensitive (flaky, itchy, red) scalp

Bundle consists of:
- Nurturing Scalp Care Shampoo
- Restorative Hair Mask
- Essential Hair Oil